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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Datsun B210 Coupe (Jaw's) owned by Hj Hai

Exported as the Datsun 120Y and Datsun B-210 (in North America), the third generation (1973–1978) Sunny was extremely popular as it debuted during the gas crisis of the 1970s. It continued to be the fuel-economy leader in North America and one of the least expensive cars available. At the time body styling was popular with buyers. The American model's safety bumpers actually were said to "improve" the styling. One name in particular used for the American market 120Y was the "Datsun Honeybee". Although regular production in Japan as well as sales in most countries ended with the 1978 model year, the B210 series continued to be produced by Nissan South Africa through 1980.

The related Sunny Excellents continued as PB210 models, fitted with a 1.4-litre L14 engine. In 1976 Nissan changed the Sunny Excellent from a distinct vehicle model (PB210) to simply a trim-level option for the regular B210, now fitted with 1.6-liter L16 engine. Six bodystyles were offered: 4-door sedan, 2-door sedan, 3-door coupé, 3-door wagon, 5-door wagon and 3-door van. The coupé still retained fastback styling, but now featured a full hatchback door rather than the small boot lid of the previous generation Sunny. In Australia these same bodies were known simply as the Four Door Sedan, the Two Door Sedan and the Coupé. In North America, the wagon was not offered.

This chassis formed the basis for the S10 chassis on the Nissan Silvia. In most markets, the B210 line featured as the only engine option a re-designed A12 engine. However, in the South African market they also featured L14 and L16 engine options, as well as special edition of B210 coupé badged as a 140Z and a 160Z. The 140Z and 160Z featured twin SU carburetors and a 5-speed transmission.

Sunny Excellent GX (Left) and 140Z (Right)

For 1974-75, the PB210 Excellent was equipped with a 1400cc L-series engine. Model designations were PB210 (4-dr Sedan) and KPB210 (Coupe). (In this Wiki entry, PB210 may be used to designate either the Coupe or Sedan.) Drivetrain options were L14S (Single-carb) engine with Automatic or manual trans. or L14T (Twin-carb) engine with manual trans. only. To avoid model overlap, the regular B210 Sunnys came with a 1200cc A-Series engine. The Excellent 1400 was an upscale model. The PB210 Excellent was initially available in DX, GL or GX trim levels.

The PB210 GX used a sport instrument cluster with individual guages, and came with driving lights integrated into the front grill, similar options to those found on the B210 GX. Unlike the PB110, which used 510 style front strut towers, the PB210 retained the B210 style front strut towers.


Past two year, I just found out this rare Datsun B210 somewhere at Tutong.. For sure it's body - 2 doors fastback Coupe 1976 and registered in this country in date of 23/04. Actually this jaw's have original spec like square tachnometer, strip mid back body n etc. Then I transform it to high spec edition which it's totally sport looking with it GX(Sunny Excellent) trim. I've change it's rounded meter, dashboard, big GX emblems and etc. This things really hard to find because its so rare produced around this world. So i'm lucky because I found this GX original trim at KK.. The only one Datsun KB210 GX special imported to that country, I Just found the register cord at the body and engine using Japanese language.. My future plan to convert this Super Jaw's to 140Z/160Z.. I wish.. By modify curved long hood, rounded tail lights and etc..

Datsun B210 Coupe merupakan salah sebuah kereta keluaran Datsun yang disukai untuk digunakan dalam dunia perlumbaan di alam Melayu, Jepun, Eropah dan etc dalam sekitar tahun 1970an-1980an. Ini boleh dibuktikan di zaman kumpulan Bumiputera Rockers lagi hehhe lihat gambar...


Black Uga said...

ala keta my bro ni the only one ni bro...only one in brunei ni....lawa ungul keta mu bro....alum g yg kuning siap kh...au mun siap tepalak mata mliat 2 hehe k

Rx Revo said...

Helloo Brooooooooo..siapa kan tu di gambar a2 ku liat mcm kau jua,uga ada jua,ssr ada jua..heheh.masukkan jua jaws yang sebenar brooo..history masa direbuild a2 bru ya broo..p ur car a2 broo,very da menangis tambahan g be spoiler di dapan..hehe,k2 bro

Black Uga said...

kumpulan pa kn 2 ghai...syj kn 2 hehehe sdh u offerkn rem rx7 ku sratus setangah saja ghai....

Anonymous said...

Kumpulan Bumiputera Rockers bro.. Bh nantitah offerkn k hehe

Anonymous said...

kawan2 di brunei..siapa bulih menghunjaakan mentuka Datsun 240Z..
klu ada info la hah.....